Monday, January 18, 2016

Naming Work

There is some discussion about whether or not one should name a painting or a drawing or an installation. Abstracts are often numbered. I like choosing a name. Often, I am told, it allows the viewer to get in the door. Sometimes is closes it. This image came to me while I was meditating one morning. Having a sketchbook beside my bed I leaned over to record the inspiration before continuing contemplation. It stayed in my sketchbook for some time, incubating. This week I decided to develop it as a linocut. I printed around forty images. They are all different. I am in the process of editing (ripping up the less desirable ones). My intention is to enter a certain competition, an ongoing occupation. And the name? To begin with I chose “Never Alone”. Having sat with that for a while I became increasingly aware of the negative energy around ‘never’. Although the image can be challenging my intention is to share the hope. Sometimes I feel all alone, even in a crowd. I am sure everyone experiences this at various times while living life. I have come to know, however, the feeling is fleeting and false. I am not alone. I am “Beloved”. Life is good. 

Don't miss the JazzArt event at Bonnie Doon Community League (9240 93 St Edmonton) this Saturday at 7pm. Should be fun.