Monday, February 15, 2016


Hello world!! Last Monday I was in bed with a 40°C fever and today I am still dragging myself through the day. For all intents and purposes life as I know it is suspended until further notice. There are several monumental happenings coming up very quickly like the grand reopening of my gallery “Inspirations” on the 2nd April. I begin drawing classes on the 30th March and my new website should be up and running sometime this week. A few deadlines for submissions are also rearing their timely heads and what am I doing? Sleeping mostly. Cancelling appointments. Making it through each day. At last I surrender. I will be making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow just to make sure I don’t have pneumonia or something serious. I am so done being sick. On the up side I have released some extra weight and my contemplative prayer skills have definitely improved. Next Monday I hope to introduce you a fully integrated system with my blog, FB, Twitter, all through my new website. Life is still good.