Monday, January 25, 2016

Painting in the Dark

If one likes jazz this is the evening of the year!! So fun. CAVA sponsors a fundraising event each January to cover some of the gallery’s expenses inviting several artists and a jazz ensemble to create together. The visual pieces produced by the artists are then auctioned off at the intermissions. I was asked to draw three portraits during the evening, the winning prize of an ongoing raffle for which the patrons purchased tickets. On average I spent about ten minutes with two colours (quinachridone gold and purple) from the Daniel Smith line of watercolour sticks and ended up doing four portraits. It turned out to be a popular item on the agenda! In the meantime I decided to play with some watercolour on the side. As one can see from the less than steady photos, the conditions are not ideal. There are few masterpieces produced, if any, yet people are there for a purpose and the money rolls in. I missed out on most of the delicious food but the wine was good. Life is so good.

P.S. I have been invited to participate in another fundraiser for the Lois Hole Hospital here in Edmonton. It is happening on Saturday. So if you are in town....